Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors Patch Notes Are Here!

Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors Patch Notes Are Here!

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35 thoughts on “Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors Patch Notes Are Here!

  1. I think I ll skip 50% of this season. Apex is getting stale and boring to play. No big changes to guns meta. No expected buffs for the legends that were promised to be buffed.

  2. The out of bounds changes are ridiculous. The headshot damage changes are also b.s., as well as the changes to ranked.

    They are really trying to narrow the skill gap in this game, instead of just fixing matchmaking like they should have years ago 🙄

  3. its so annoying to watch you drag the cursor only halfway through words or sentences. if you're trying to highlight, then DO IT, not halfway.

  4. The Kraber no longer being a one-hit headshot weapon makes me wonder what its point is now. It may technically still do more damage than a sentinel but I'd rather use that than a Kraber if the central benefit of using a Kraber is no longer a feature. The Sentinel is difficult to use but it's easier than the Kraber and I don't have a limited ammo pool to boot.

  5. Storm point is the worst map in the game. Why are they forcing it on us for an entire week?? Respawn needs to implement a voting system for maps. Especially for pubs. Ranked sure whatever. But pub lobbies should get to vote on which map to play on. Or let us load up into whatever map we want. I'm guarantee if they did it that way, nobody would ever choose storm point.

  6. Just played apex s13 and it is the worst season ever, there is no purpose of new castle when we already have those abilities in lifeline and Gibbi or rampart. They have released new legend only for name purpose

  7. Valk being unable to spin during take off is pretty stupid tbh, you're vulnerable enough as it is…they could of atleast made the launch time faster

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