Go from BOT to PRO on Controller in Warzone [Settings + Tips to get Better FAST]

Go from BOT to PRO on Controller in Warzone with the best Settings and Tips to get better at Call of Duty Warzone FAST!

This video covers the best controller settings in Warzone including sensitivity, deadzone, aim response curve type, aim assist, movement settings, automatic tactical sprint and much more!

Not only will we cover the best settings but also the best methods to practice at Warzone to improve aim and movement!

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45 thoughts on “Go from BOT to PRO on Controller in Warzone [Settings + Tips to get Better FAST]

  1. so, as a conclusion for me, stick with keyboard and mouse :(, i played all my life on pc, i can say that i am pretty good,but controller for fps games feels really difficult to me, the claw technique is to much for my brain

  2. I personally would NOT recommend SCUF, mine only lasted a year after treating it like a king. The only thing that doesn't work is the D-pad Down Arrow. Not only that but it doesn't make your aim better. Literally the same PS4 stock controllers just more controls and looks pretty.

  3. I love how people can track this well with just their thumb, and people that use their entire arm to aim can’t get anywhere near this level of tracking even after having thousands of hours on the game.

  4. Aim assist should not be in games. It literally gives help to some players while the others are left not even having the option for it. Turn off a pro’s aim assist and you see a fall in their hit shots and total kills

  5. Captain, I’m trying to follow your guide and practicing with bots in Vanguard but I can’t quite make it. Basically, the controller settings are very different to the ones in warzone. Am I doing something wrong?

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