How To Get Easy Wins in Fortnite Season 3 (Zero Build Tips and Tricks)

In this video I show you how you can get easy wins in Fortnite season 3. Season 3 didn’t change the meta too much but the new reality sapling makes it super easy to get god tier loot every game making it much easier to land at lowkey spots. I focus on explaining how you need to position yourself endgame to get easy wins in zero build in Season 3. Zero build pretty much always comes down to who has the best spot so controlling the power positions will have you getting more crowns in season 3…

37 thoughts on “How To Get Easy Wins in Fortnite Season 3 (Zero Build Tips and Tricks)

  1. TIP: if someone is driving a battle bus and you hop on you should always switch seats onto the light turret and they will be on the heavy turret so you can blast them. (WORKS 99.9% OF THE TIME)

  2. If you chug splash a sapling it will regrow fruit one time per tree. Boost of xp and gold bars. Just gotta run up to the gas station and find some splashes

  3. My guy i enjoy this game, I put off playing it for years and well, I loaded it on my console today played my first "No build" i have ZERO idea how the game works yet but placed 3rd. (Shooter exp i guess) Im hooked, fun game but i know nothing of the items and how to build character so your channel is a good help, cheers.

  4. I stayed away from fortnite most of the time because I didn't have much interest in it but now I like how the game feels and plays. rn I have 5 wins and ill let u know if this helps me out👍

  5. I have been getting my ass absolutely blasted in zero build last few days. The lobbies feel insanely hard. I used to get 5+ kills and get the W every five games or so now I’m lucky to get a single kill and finish top 20. I feel like I’m on the run as soon as I land.

  6. .i watch ur videos but i cant improve..i dont know what is going on i used to get a lot of wins and kills like 5-6 per game and nowdays i cant even kill someone..they kill me in like 2 seconds or so i dont know whats going on..and i consider myself an experienced player..i am thanking of quiting fortnite since i cant have fun anymore when i land someone instanly kills me

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