World War 3 is BETTER Than Modern Warfare 2

World War 3 Open Beta is finally out in its open beta and it is better than Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for a few reasons. One of them is gunplay and gun handling. World War 3 has much more responsive and tighter gunplay, while Modern Warfare 2s gunplay is really jumpy and visually distracting. If you want a first-person shooter that plays well. Then play World War 3, and not Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The WW3 Open Beta will be free to play for all on the 29th!

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34 thoughts on “World War 3 is BETTER Than Modern Warfare 2

  1. What such a cherry-picked thing to compare.
    If you want to bring up how less shaky the gun moves when shooting in WW3 vs MWII. (And in MWII case's you only showed one of the default loadouts, that doesn't have a recoil control attachment)
    Let me bring up the soldier looking floaty in WW3 while in MWII the movement looks grounded. But nah. Gotta make a clickbait video lol

  2. You don't have to show us and tell us anything, We played the game and its ok at best. 1. COD 2. BF 3. Insurgency Sandstorm 4. Ground branch 5. WW3 sorry bro you and the 900 other player base that will be playing it can keep having fun tho, but better than COD or BF STOP THE CAP RIGHT NOW SON!!😂🤣😂🤣

  3. The recoil is quite strong in WW3 especially without attachments BUT it took me a while to figure out that if you are able to counter the recoil the guns are actually very accurate.

    I was just expecting there to be random deviation with full auto fire at range because thats what im used to from Battlefield.
    But once you can manage the recoil you can actually laser people from distance even with some of the MGs.

  4. Yeah WW3 does looks like a fun game to play but if would be better if WW3 would also come out on consoles as well and that’s the thing that MW2 is slight better than WW3 plus with warzone 2 and DMZ being part of the game but I would like to play WW3 on the PS5

  5. i dont agree at all – not at ALL a cod kid, but I did play mw2 beta and bought WW3 (played beta earlier this year and this week)… ww3 feels like a mobile game – textures, models, animations are really janky, movement feels really odd… and for a game called WW3 the fact that theres no m5 is silly. I found tanks were running the map in WW3, while in MW2 I could totally bypass the outdoor areas and focus on solder vs soldier. This is a problem in the base BF2042 maps as well.

  6. I just got a pc last night for $300 finally now I can play these games that age on steam and pc only I have crowz installed and csgo and currently installing squad , I ended up buying WW3 this morning for $15 Canadian on sale the hane is not free to play clearly so why you content creators are claiming that is beyond me , maybe you guys have free access for reviewing and such since you guys create content

  7. You can't really say that no….i have OCT and got first buy, this game is not even 50% of a COD or BF sorry. It really Interesting but is still in a terrible state even 4 years after, the more you play, the more to go deep, the more you see it clearly waaaaayy behind AAA title, way behind. Talking about what? Gunplay?? yeah ok, and sounds? Netcode? Servers? Balanced? Hitboxes? Match Making? LODs bug? Collisions Bug? Back end service bugs? Game mods? Maps? Vertical gameplay? Strats? The textures and models are trash? No dynamics? No destruction system? The lighting is poor and bugged, speculars are just completely off on all reflective objects? Shaders won't load properly? Terrible and broken animations?? We have nothing after 4 years, please be serious with this game. Interesting, sure, worth to test? Sure! But don't put huge better than other AAA , objectivity please :).

  8. Did they fix clunky animations and feelings of movement and did they finally optimised the game ?? I played it few months ago on stress test and it was not the best experience.

  9. I’ll have to play ww3 for myself to make a decision one thing nw2 does do better is audio guns sound way better than ww3 the audio still sounds bad to me I actually enjoyed the gunplay in mw2 the ttk is super fast but I only play 6v6 I’ll have to see I was a huge fan of mw2019 as well and mw2 is similar

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